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Nature’s Millworks was officially founded in 2,000 and opened its doors for the 1st time in 40 years of dormancy in May of 2,003. The retail store products focus on 5 nature themes, Earth, Fire, Sun, Water and Wind. All products carried are a reflection of these themes and in keeping with the name are items often created from repurposed material. Kids’ books also hold true to these themes. Most products are selected to appeal to the creative spirit and as such do not depend on technology, but may address how technology works through kits etc. Products are selected for their appeal to the creative spirit of the consumer both for youth and adult.

By May 2,004 the 2nd floor was opened as a gallery that quickly came to house shows that mirrored the 5 nature themes. These are very popular with about 300 highly regarded local artisans displaying their works for the various show each year. Shows run for 3-4 weeks each, starting in May and running up to Christmas. Brief descriptions can be found on our website

In June 2,006 the 3rd floor of this 5 storey building was ready to host the expanding shows bringing our total retail space to 6,000sq.ft. Our products are really very much one-of-a-kind which is particularly true of our locally based shows. All artisans must come from 50 Km of Nature’s Millworks. Most other retail products are Canadian sourced so we do fairly claim that we are over 90% Canadian and of that we are about 80% local.Mill 2006

Because of our determined dedication to Canadian and locally produced products our name has quickly become recognized by residents, transient tourists and cottagers as a place to find truly unique high quality products. As such we attract over 10,000 new visitors or customers each year. While we have gone on-line, it is our hope that people will come to our location more often than just placing an on-line order. The building is substantial and is the largest remaining mill of its kind in Canada and represents a strong link to our past.

Each year Nature’s Millworks gives free tours of the full facility on designated event dates and regularly participates in Doors Open Ontario. These are listed on our website.

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